Altiux's IoT accelerator kit comes with everything you need to build your IoT enabled products and solutions - hardware, software and services - making it extremely easy for gateway manufacturers and solution providers to prototype IoT designs and then rapidly move to production. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Simple and easy - Get started in minutes and explore
  • Quick and affordable – Create PoCs at fraction of costs
  • Reusable software and hardware from ideation to production
  • Reliable support and services

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Altiux's IoT accelerator kit usage model

Future-Proof Development

What's in the kit

Gateway reference design

IoT Gateway

Reference design containing 1.2GHz ARMv8 CPU, 802.11n WLAN, 802.15.4/4g connectivity


Sensor devices

Multiple sensors (temperature, humidity, etc.) with diverse connectivity options

BoxPwr framework

BoxPwr software

Altiux's device middleware that provides complete software foundation with well defined APIs

Support services

Support services

One hour consulting support plus one week e-mail support to answer any questions related to kit

Innovate for your industry

Altiux's accelerator kit can be applied to diverse industries. Start innovating now.